IMPACT offers a unique set of design tools that enable quick and accurate configuration. These tools are built into a standard Microsoft Excel workbook and provide real-time visual feedback… now you know, in real time, exactly how your configuration affects part number elements. The benefit? No more part number confusion means no expensive, time-consuming return or rework issues when parts don’t fit. Plus, the procurement process becomes that much easier.The Glide-Line design tool uses your system configuration data to recommend the most applicable options, so you know your conveyor system will meet your requirements. And with real-time pricing feedback, you will see—instantly and exactly—how various options affect your system price.

This same powerful configuration tool is also embedded within our SolidWorks CAD model, enabling “in-context” usage in the modeling environment. The Glide-Line IMPACT configuration system eliminates the need to repetitively download CAD models, preventing the all-too-common hassle of re-configuring, re-downloading, re-inserting, and repairing after every change. You do it once, and it lives and breathes in your assembly, changing with your needs while giving you updated part numbers and pricing along the way.