IMPACT Interactive Configuration System
The IMPACT (Interactive Modeling Program and Application Configuration Tools) goes far beyond a typical 3D CAD conveyor configurator.

The Excel version of IMPACT uses your system configuration data to recommend the best-fit options, so you know that your conveyor system will meet your application requirements. And with real-time pricing feedback, you see…instantly and exactly… how various options affect your system price.

This same powerful configuration tool is also embedded within our SolidWorks CAD model, enabling “in-context” use in the modeling environment. IMPACT eliminates the need to repetitively download CAD models, preventing the all-too-common hassle of re-configuring, re-downloading, re-inserting, and repairing after every change. You do it once, and it lives and breathes in your assembly, changing with your needs while giving you updated part numbers and pricing along the way.

This free, in-context SolidWorks configuration tool has millions of standard configurations, not counting the length and width combinations, as well as location customization for drives, legs and cross-members, all of which add up to almost infinite possibilities for a perfect design for your application. You can make changes throughout the entire design lifecycle, with the price, part number and models being updated as configuration options change. In addition, IMPACT’s Microsoft Excel tool gives you real-time visual feedback, so you’ll know exactly how part number elements and application requirements affect your configuration and price.

Click here to download the IMPACT configuration tool

To try IMPACT interactive modeling program & application configuration tools for your next design, contact Craig Newberry at or call 215-721-1900.