The Glide-Line Advantage

Imagine If…

  • A conveyor configurator was available that utilizes application information to monitor configuration integrity as you work and makes logical configuration recommendations all while maintaining up-to-date pricing and part numbers.
  • That same conveyor configurator was also offered as an in-context solid model capable of updating on the fly with no need to re-configure, re-download, re-insert, and repair after every change.
  • Standard products offered almost limitless configurations, with normal delivery.
  • You could configure and buy exactly what you needed…and conveyors became the most enjoyable part of your job.

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Unique Aspects of Glide-Line™…

24VDC direct drive option for ultra-quiet maintenance free operation, absence of gearbox and connecting shafts offer ultimate design flexibility

All service work can be performed from above, without removing fasteners, very useful when installed in confined areas and tight machines

All rolling elements are precision ball bearing supported for long ultra-quiet, high-load maintenance free operation

All Glide-Line systems utilize T5 timing belts with steel tension members for positive drive, durability and reduced maintenance

Build your own Custom Configurations using IMPACT

Glide-Line’s IMPACT (Interactive Modeling Program and Application Configuration Tools) offers a unique set of design tools that enable quick and accurate configuration. These tools are built into a standard Microsoft Excel workbook and provide real-time visual feedback… now you know, in real time, exactly how your configuration affects part number elements. The benefit? No more part number confusion means no expensive, time-consuming return or rework issues when parts don’t fit. Plus, the procurement process becomes that much easier.

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Other Interesting Features

  • Glide-Line conveyors have been independently certified for use in cleanroom environments (up to Class 100 and ISO Class 5)
  • Our patent-pending centerline adjustability—for use with precision applications and variable width products—enables precise guiding in operations requiring critical positioning of varying width products
  • With a 24VDC option, Glide-Line conveyors can be configured with ultra compact 24VDC drives and smart controls, capable of zoning conveyors with multiple drives and many other interesting options.