Heavy Duty Lift and Locate Unit


The Heavy Duty Lift and Locate Unit delivers repeatable, positional accuracy within ±.05mm. The vertical lift position is fixed at 1.5mm above the belt, and the unit is designed to handle heavy loads for press operations such as swaging and ultrasonic welding. This unit utilizes a pneumatic shuttle that slips between the baseplate and the lift anvil once the pallet is raised into position. Heavy Duty Units must be station-mounted on suitable structures to absorb the required loads; accuracy and repeatability are relative to the mounting structure.

  • Pneumatic lift actuation
  • Pneumatic shuttle lock for heavy load absorption
  • Force absorption zone covers the entire anvil surface
  • Station mounted only
  • Lifts and locates pallet 1.5mm above belt
  • Lateral and vertical location repeatability within .05mm
  • 40mm bore lift cylinder
  • Lift capacity – 150 Lbs. @ 80 psi
  • Load absorption capacity when in locked position starts at 20,000 Lbs
  • Pallet length range – 160mm – 320mm in 1mm increments
  • Pallet width range – 160mm – 320mm in 1mm increments