Glide-Line is a game-changing brand and product line developed from the ground up by NCC Automated Systems, a 34-year-old leader in several industries related to automation and conveyor systems.

We designed this product and business unit with deliberate attention to speed, versatility and eliminating barriers.  Our tagline is:  Fast. Flexible. Easy.  We do things that nobody in our class does, we do it with greater speed, efficiency, and make it a great customer experience. 

Glide-Line runs as a small business unit with a dedicated staff.  This allows for agility and focus, but with the support of a larger company due to operating within the NCC Automated Systems umbrella.  NCC overall is approx. $30mm with 75 employees.

The Glide-Line brand was started in 2014 and we have supported the Assembly Automation market primarily through “configured product” sales to integrators doing assembly line integration.  This market is supported through independent sales reps throughout North America, with a few direct accounts. 

We seek to maximize that market, as well as find and penetrate new markets.   Our innovation, flexibility and speed have helped us grow our business from zero to where it is today, but we need to keep our eye on future growth. 


From a cultural perspective, the parent company, NCC Automated Systems, is an extremely unique company.  First, we are driven by the 4 following core values:

  1. It takes a Village – we are here for each other
  2. We are Warriors – we fight until we make it happen
  3. Life is Short – we choose to have a positive attitude and have fun
  4. We are Brave – we try new things and strive to be great

People that fit those core values love working at NCC (recently selected as one of The Philadelphia Inquirers Top Businesses to work) and the culture is truly unmatched. 


General Descriptions of Duties:

The Applications Engineer is responsible for the concepts, layouts, costing, and preparation of proposals for the business development team in order to help secure future projects for the company. This position will constantly be challenged to meet the demands of our customers. It requires strong judgment skills balancing accuracy and response time, both critically important to the success of the position. It also requires both creativity and strong communication skills.



  1. Review customer specifications and develop concepts in both AutoCAD and Solid Works with the sales team to meet the application parameters and product needs of our customers.
  2. Discuss customer requirements direct with customers, at other times take direction of the sales team.
  3. Obtain all necessary information critical to producing good solutions and viable proposals. This could include onsite measurements (rare) and customer meetings to present, review, and kick off projects and proposals.
  4. Ensure internal estimates and proposals conform to customer or sales specifications.
  5. Suggest and implement estimating tool improvements as appropriate.
  6. Develop presentation materials (process flow diagrams, calculations, PowerPoints, detailed schedules, SolidWorks models) as required to help the sales team sell jobs.
  7. Provide accurate and detailed costing spreadsheets for quotations that produce projects with acceptable margin to support long term company growth.
  8. Communicate with operations to validate schedules as projects gain viability.
  9. Communicate with engineering to validate project feasibility. 
  10. Openly communicate with operations, project management, manufacturing, and engineering to provide all necessary answers on projects in order to properly execute. This includes kickoff meetings, project design reviews, customer reviews, functional performance, and operational tests.
  11. Serve as the Project Manager (rare) on some projects that do not warrant handing off to a full time Project Manager and / or designer.
  12. Product Management Support – Glide-Line Product Line
    1. Become subject matter expert for NCC Glide-Line products. These products can be sold individually or used as components in a complete system.
    2. Confer with Marketing to produce accurate documentation for products.
    3. Confer with Materials to help them establish and track inventory levels for product and/or components. Maintain a continuous improvement culture centered on the NCC products to foster growth, expansion, and improvements.



  1. Word, Excel, Power Point, SolidWorks
  2. Mechanical Engineering degree is a plus

If you are interested in applying:

Upload your resume through the Apply Now section on the top right of this page and also complete a 5-6 minute behavioral assessment for this position.


I’m proud to work for a company full of people who actually care. We don’t just come to work and put our 9 to 5 in and go home, leaving work at the door as we get in our cars.  I think we take it home and think about it in a positive way, always wanting to improve it and make it better. I believe it’s because we have a leader who really and truly cares.

- Jason McCleary, Water Jet Mechanist