Glide-Line's IMPACT! Incentive Program

IMPACT!: The Easiest Conveyor Configuration Software

IMPACT! works directly with Solidworks to help you configure your conveyor.  Then when your design requires a change, just update your model instead of starting over!   Read below for information on our incentive program for new users!

Easy. Flexible. Precise. Fast.

and now with our extra incentive, a no-brainer!

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First time users that configure their system with IMPACT! will receive an additional 2.5% discount on the first order purchased! 

The first time that an engineer develops their own IMPACT! layout, with a complete BOM and orders the system, they will receive an additional 2.5% discount off list price for that system. From there, if they serve as the IMPACT! Ambassador at that facility and teach others, we will give the Ambassador a $50 gift certificate for every other engineer who downloads and registers the software, goes through a training session, and then uses the IMPACT! to develop a layout and BOM (they don’t need to order) and submits to Glide-Line for review. There will be a 10 person limit at each facility. The new engineer submitting will also get a $50 gift certificate.



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"We created IMPACT! to make your job easier. If you know how to use Excel, you know how to use this program. There is nothing to learn. It will make you faster, more accurate, and you’ll have better models."Kevin Mauger, President

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What is IMPACT!?

IMPACT! is an Excel based software file designed to make your job of estimating conveyor systems quick and easy while simultaneously creating Solidworks models. It is so unique that Solidworks actually did a case study on it Solidworks Case Study.

IMPACT! stands for Interactive Modeling Program and Application Conguration Tools. It was designed with the Application and Design Engineer in mind.

  • Easy accurate model creation
  • Snap to mating
  • Ability to show various operational states (showing device actuations)
  • Dynamic pricing that keeps up with your model
  • Application support and guidance along the way
  • Ties into Solidworks via our advanced API bridge allowing model creation from SW

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“Powerful Tool to Optimize Designs.”

DeWayne Merritt, Tool Design Engineer

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