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Twin-Strand Work Pallet Handling System

The foundation of the Glide-Line pallet handling system is a twin-strand conveyor designed to transport work piece pallets from workstation to workstation. Transport conveyors connect in multiple ways to suit a variety of assembly system requirements. Glide-Line can be constructed with as many strands as needed to transport panel-like products or large, platform-type fixtures form workstation to workstation.

Multi Strand Panel Handling System

Glide-Line can be constructed with as many strands as needed and even has a patent pending centerline adjustment feature.

Glide-Line 360 – Unlimited Solutions

Shuttle, Divert, Merge, Sort, Stack, Lift & Lower, Transfer and Turn – with just one system.

Glide-Line ZP

Glide-Line ZP, a gentler, more reliable and energy efficient conveyor solution by eliminating 100% of backpressure caused by accumulation.

Single Strand Solution

A configurable conveyor designed for precision indexing, durabilityand clean room environments, Glide-Line Single Strand solutions are a great fit for the Feeder Industry. This is a best in class solution at a competitive price made possible by using 21st century advanced manufacturing and engineering techniques.

Glide-Line is: Easy. Flexible. Precise. Fast.

Glide-Line offers the most versatile multi-strand panel and pallet-handling solution available for the assembly automation industry. Advanced configuration system called IMPACT (Interactive Modeling Program and Application Configuration Tools) streamlines the design experience, ensuring that Glide-Line will meet your exact specifications.

Glide-Line’s digital manufacturing process means fast, efficient manufacture of your specific configuration, and our IMPACT configuration tool generates real-time part numbers and pricing, so you go straight from design to purchase.

We promise you will meet your project’s tightest deadlines; we promise you will be impressed.

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