Twin-Strand Work Pallet Handling System

Why the Twin-Strand Work Pallet Handling System?

The foundation of the Glide-Line pallet handling system is a twin-strand conveyor designed to transport work piece pallets from workstation to workstation. Transport conveyors connect in multiple ways to suit a variety of assembly system requirements. Glide-Line can be constructed with as many strands as needed to transport panel-like products or large, platform-type fixtures from workstation to workstation.


Simple & Complete Configurability

The Glide-Line twin-strand is the foundational conveyor for configuring entire work pallet handling systems in any way imaginable.

Intelligent Modeling

IMPACT!, Glide-Line’s in-context configurator, combines access to 3D CAD and solid modeling tools with prices, part numbers, and capabilities in real time. Making models intelligently saves time and reduces costs overall.

Efficient Pallet Transferring

The twin-strand work pallet handling system was built with a focus on maximizing lead time and space for efficient installation and increased throughput.

Make developing your Twin-Strand Work Pallet Handling System easier.

Skip the back and forth and get up-to-date product numbers, pricing, and more immediately.


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How To Get Instant Quotes For Twin Strand Conveyor Modules & Systems

One of the biggest challenges faced by applications engineers today is the time it takes to receive accurate pricing and model numbers. You spend time using an online configurator from a conveyor manufacturer, downloading the step files and setting up mates and references in SOLIDWORKS to meet the requirements of your automation system. The conveyor software is typically built for only one thing: communicating one particular conveyor’s specifications to your conveyor design software.


You need to check out IMPACT!


“As a provider of mechanical hardware solutions, item North America/MB Kit Systems Inc. sees multiple requests for complex material handling solutions. Clearly, Glide-Line always seems to know what customers need and the new Glide-Line 360 has unlimited solutions for a wide range of applications.”

Rick Sabo, VP Sales & Marketing - NA/MB Kit Systems


"From the beginning of our most recent project with a Global Appliance manufacturer, our Glide-Line’s Product Specialist was engaged in the design problem solving offering viable options in the customized conveyor & belt material selection to meet the customers applications needs & challenges."

Nino LaDuca, President of Tech-ConAutomation


"Glide-Line understands the market. That is why they come with innovative products, are incredibly responsive and have the fastest delivery times around."

Jim Beretta, former Application Engineer - Industry Expert


"The experts at Glide-Line are quick to respond, they're quick to bring solutions, and they're quick to help me identify product. They've backed up everything they've told me and brought good product to bear and their solutions are running well in the field. I'm not sure what more you could ask for."

Kevin Hayes, Director at Primetest Automation

"What More Could You Ask For?"

Glide-Line lives up to its promises

Kevin Hayes, Director at PrimeTest Automation and Glide-Line customer, speaks to his satisfaction with Glide-Line as a leader in custom conveyor automation.