Innovative, Flexible Devices and Accessories for Conveyors

Our devices and accessories for conveyors and systems reflect our commitment to unique, outside-the-box problem-solving. View our gallery for a look at how we’ve solved challenges with flexible solutions for our customers.

3 Reasons Manufacturers Love Our Unique Devices & Accessories for Conveyors




You’ve never seen conveyor devices like these before. We’re combining precision control with pneumatic or DC-controlled lifts and timing belt motion into single units with the goal of changing the landscape of conveying forever - for the better.

ICON - Efficient Automation


Removing clunky, single-step equipment in your automation process allows for efficient solutions that can combine multiple steps into one elegant device. We’ve done exactly that and given engineers and manufacturers precision control over the movement and specifications of each one.



The width, lift height, and in many cases motion control, for many of our devices is completely within your control. We can customize any solution to meet your needs, and we enjoy a challenge. Our solutions below reflect previous customer asks that we now offer as standard solutions.

Our Devices & Accessories for Conveyors

Innovative, efficient, multi-purpose devices and accessories for conveyor solutions are built to your exact specifications. Explore our current options below, and challenge us to find a solution for your unique needs if you don’t see what you need!


Working with Glide-Line for Conveyor Devices & Accessories means:

ICON - Efficient DesignEfficient, Multi-purpose Designs

Configurable and customizable for limited-to-no extra cost, our devices and accessories are built to combine automation processes and support efficient work solutions.

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ICON - Fast Lead Time100% Shorter Lead Times

Our systems, including devices and accessories, can be built & shipped in lead times typically half that of our competition thanks to our efficient processes built with your lead time in mind.

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ICON - Easy Service 2Easy Service

We support you throughout the design, engineering, ordering, manufacturing, and set-up of your conveyor and system - and beyond. Many start with our in-context configurator, IMPACT! Which gives you dynamic numbers & instant pricing.

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Not seeing what you are looking for? Check out our Customized Solution Gallery.

Each of these solutions was developed to solve a challenge a customer was facing, and is now a standard option we offer.

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