Configurable Timing Belt Conveyor Solutions

Using a timing belt as a conveying medium gives smooth motion and precision control for automation processes.

Our Timing Belt Solutions

Our quiet, smooth-running timing belt solutions are an innovative solution for manufacturers. Explore our current options below, and challenge us to find a solution for your unique needs if you don’t see what you need!


Twin Strand Solutions

Single Strand Solutions

Multi-Strand Solutions

Zero Contact Zoned Conveyor

AMR Conveyor Toppers

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Why Manufacturers & Engineers Love Our Timing Belt Solutions

The urethane base, steel tension members, and fabric coating for our timing belt conveyors are a favorite of our design and application engineer customers. Not only can these conveyors be customized to the exact specifications you need for your application, but they can be controlled in both speed and movement (including turns) for precision control, every time.




Whether you have fragile products that need smooth, gentle, no-contact motion through the automation process or awkwardly-shaped products with extrusions needing special handling, Glide-Line has built customized timing belt solutions for any situation. Learn about our Zero Contact Zoned Conveyor.

ICON - Configurable


Height, length, width, drive location, splice location,  and even cross member location pivot angles are all precisely built to your specifications with little-to-no added cost. Even choose a DC drive solution if you’d like.  Modern engineers need modern solutions that are completely configurable, not singular-purpose equipment that they need to work around (and we’ll even customize for you if needed). We’re here for you. Most of our standard solutions began as custom designs for our customers, and we simply added them to our gallery. See our Customized Solution Gallery here.

ICON - Fast Lead Times 2


With lead times half those of our competitors, we have the quickest design, manufacturing, and assembly times in the industry. Much of our advantage comes from our fabrication and manufacturing processes, built for speed. The other advantage is our in-context configurator, where engineers can get started on models and pricing without ever talking to our team first. Learn all about it here.