Lift and Locate Units

Lift and Locate devices are used to lift a pallet off the belt to position accurately for external operations.  Positional accuracy is typically +/- .05mm but can be tighter or looser based upon the application requirements.  The Standard and Low Profile lift and locates are most common with the main difference being vertical stroke (standard lift and locate offers 3-200mm z-axis adjustment).   The Heavy Duty lift and locate is capable of supporting massive downward force, and the Lift and Position Kit is typically used on larger pallets. 

Lift and Locate CircleThe Top Three Lift & Locate Benefits: 

1Repetitive precision. 

2Units can cover a wide range of variables which include stroke length, weight and pallet size. Devices are fully scalable in 1 mm increments. 

3Standard Lift and Locate height can be adjusted from from 3-200mm (z-axis).

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Kevin Hayes, Director at PrimeTest Automation and Glide-Line customer, speaks to his satisfaction with Glide-Line as a leader in custom conveyor automation.