Glide-Line Understands the Role of an APPLICATION ENGINEER

Glide-Line offers unique conveyor solutions to solve problems faced by modern applications engineers. Our conveyors are fast, flexible, and easy - and we provide all the tools you need to integrate them into your design.


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FAST-2In everything from quote request response times, to lead times half of our competitors, fast service and support is a pillar of our business.

FlexibleWith incredible options for material handling solutions that open up layout possibilities like never before, plus the most flexible solid modeling program (complete with pricing) in the world, flexibility is the name of the game for us.

EasyQuotes, models, lead times, customizations, and even responding quickly when things don't go perfectly - we make the business of conveyors easy.

How Glide-Line Works with Applications Engineers


If you choose to use IMPACT!, our excel-based software to price your own models instantly, then our process starts there. After you assemble a starting point, you can engage with our team of applications engineers to add ideas and alternative options to your playbook to come up with the best solution possible for your project.


Solve Budget Estimate, Lead Time & Layout Challenges

Our in-context configurator, IMPACT!, includes dynamic pricing and modeling tools and works with SOLIDWORKS

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  • DYNAMIC PRICING: Get instant pricing for your applications and modifications up front, right in the tool.
  • UPDATABLE MODELS: Conceptual models are quick using IMPACT!, and you can create them on the front-end of a project.
  • SELF-SERVE: Skip the back-and-forth with a salesperson. Using IMPACT!, you can update models, incorporate conveyors, and get pricing with the click of a mouse.

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It was a big deal to be able to access what they needed in a short amount of time, and to have that come into SOLIDWORKS in native format, and then be able to configure it and make further changes.

Jason Flynn, applications engineer and account manager at Mid-South Industrial Automation

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Wow, Tim. Your company is true to its word. I like that!

Alan O’Hern at Eagle Vision Automation

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Glide-Line has provided RND Automation with a standard, easy to use and integrated package that allows us to feed pallets through our modular assembly platform. With a standard Glide-Line configuration we can easily link up multiple cells to provide our customers with complete end to end assembly, testing and inspection equipment.

RND Automation & Engineering

Explore Innovative Conveyor Options

We offer flexible conveyors that can be custom-fit to your needs without the added costs. Here are some of our most popular conveyors and applications.

360Customizable Glide-Line 360:

This custom conveyor system can be configured in literally hundreds of thousands of ways to meet your needs and take the action you need it to.

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Twin StrandWork Pallet Handling & Transfer Solutions:

Economical solutions that connect in multiple ways and they can be constructed with as many strands as you need.

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ZCZCDC-driven Conveyors:

Our conveyors can come equipped with DC-drive options, including our Zero-Contact Zoned Conveyor for gentle product handling.Learn more


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Here’s why customers love working with us: 


DELIVERY TIME: Our lead times are less than half our competitors’. We don’t know what those other guys are doing with sixteen weeks, but our manufacturing and delivery takes less than 8 weeks, and sometimes, quite a bit less!


COST: Customization and configuration doesn’t cost an arm and a leg because our process is designed for it. We’ve built our conveyors to be flexible.


SIMPLE INTEGRATION: We’re realistic; we know you need to work conveyors in around other equipment and applications. Our conveyors passed kindergarten and play well with others.