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Glide-Line offers the most versatile multi-strand panel or pallet handling solution available for the assembly automation industry.

Our advanced configuration tools will enhance your design experience... allowing you to configure the Glide-Line product exactly as you need! And, our digital manufacturing process allows for your specific configuration to be built quickly AND efficiently... allowing you to meet your project’s tight deadlines.


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We pride ourselves on making your automation layout design process as easy as possible. One of the ways we do that is with IMPACT! - our Interactive Modeling Program and Application Configuration Tool.

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Team pic.pngGlide-Line is backed by the parent company NCC Automated Systems which operates predominantly in the Food and Ophthalmic Lens Production industries. The company has helped its clients overcome automation and material handling challenges for more than thirty years. However this is the company’s first venture in to the assembly automation industry. 

While never an integrator in the assembly market (and still not), we needed a few twin strand conveyors for the ophthalmic industry and we often found ourselves unsatisfied with what the market had to offer—disappointed by long lead times, poor customer service, inflexible designs, and rising costs.  

We decided we could do better.

We decided that selling pre-engineered conveyors to integrators in the assembly industry was an interesting market opportunity.  We started with a blank screen, determined to create a product that would satisfy customer needs in ways no one else could. The result was Glide-Line, born from a conveyor system manufacturer with 30+ years of experience; one who understood what an integrator needs. We developed Glide-Line from the ground up with a few key, driving factors in mind. First, it had to be a high quality solution. Second, it would be simple, and easily maintained and serviced. Finally, we insisted on the highest degree of flexible configurability, and we were determined to create an efficient, hassle-free customer experience.

With Glide-Line’s modular design and simple construction, conveyors and systems can be built and shipped in days, not weeks. Our automated configuration system called IMPACT (Interactive Modeling Program and Application Configuration Tools) generates complete assembly information packages, enabling our experienced assembly technicians to build systems quickly and easily.  We have streamlined our entire assembly process with smart design and digital fabrication, making it possible to rapidly deploy without compromising quality or construction integrity.

And with our ability to make these components in house, Glide-Line supports highly configured or customized solutions quickly and just in time for assembly.

Glide-Line is more than the next step in custom conveyor configuration; it represents the next generation in the conveyor design and fabrication process.

Glide-Line is based on innovation, excellent customer service, high quality and real speed.Kevin Mauger, President of Glide-Line




Here is what you can expect when working with Glide-Line: The Glide-Line Process...

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“As a provider of mechanical hardware solutions, item North America/MB Kit Systems Inc. sees multiple requests for complex material handling solutions. Clearly, Glide-Line always seems to know what customers need and the new Glide-Line 360 has unlimited solutions for a wide range of applications.”

Rick Sabo, VP Sales & Marketing - NA/MB Kit Systems


“IMPACT was easy to launch and update. It quickly led me in the direction I needed to define my design. I love having dead accurate CAD files with high detail. IMPACT takes it one step further in that I don’t have to re-download every time I have to make a change. I love having native Solidworks files to integrate into my designs.”

DeWayne Merritt, a 16 year Mechanical Tool Design Engineer for AutoLiv


"From the beginning of our most recent project with a Global Appliance manufacturer, our Glide-Line’s Product Specialist was engaged in the design problem solving offering viable options in the customized conveyor & belt material selection to meet the customers applications needs & challenges."

Nino LaDuca, President of Tech-ConAutomation


"The experts at Glide-Line are quick to respond, they're quick to bring solutions, and they're quick to help me identify product. They've backed up everything they've told me and brought good product to bear and their solutions are running well in the field. I'm not sure what more you could ask for."

Kevin Hayes, Director at Primetest Automation

The Benefits of Working With Glide-Line

From a former Application Engineer & Industry Expert

Jim Beretta, an industry expert and former application engineer, speaks to the benefits of working with Glide-Line for your custom conveyor automation design and manufacturing.


Think Outside the (Traditional) Belt

This ebook presents innovative conveyor options capable of meeting or exceeding your expectations of a conveyor alternative or of a traditional conveyor system. Think outside the traditional belt when it comes to your designs, space, functionality, and capabilities for your automation conveyor application solutions with our ultimate guide.


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