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Meet Our Customer Support Liaison!

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“I know that your process doesn’t end with the sale, and that’s why I’m here - I love helping customers with any questions they may have before, during and after the ordering process. Whether it’s helping a new customer set up an account, checking on your project status or answering a billing question, I’m here to help.”

Meet Our Quality Assurance Liaison!

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“I’m in charge of quality control for our customers. I make sure the project is on-track, on-time, and that all the steps are done properly for every job. I’m the last person to inspect the project before it’s loaded, and I’m here to make sure everything is exactly as the customer has ordered it.”


Here's a document you can instantly access that answers many of our FAQ's OR review the Q&A's below.

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Support: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some questions we receive frequently after a purchase has been made. For pre-sale FAQs about Glide-Line, our process, or our products, visit our general FAQ page.

Will our shipment come assembled or do we need to assemble?

We are always trying to save our customers time and money and many times this comes as a pleasant surprise. We DO ship all Glide-Line conveyors assembled, not as a box of parts. This is our standard and we take great pride offering this to our customers. To further protect the shipment from damage, we will remove the leg sets and motors and package those items along with the devices on the shipping pallet.

Does Glide-Line provide a spare parts price list?

Yes we do, with every order.  You will receive the spare parts list right after the order ships.

When will my order ship?

Your order number & ship date is provided in the order confirmation email which you will receive within 24 hours after we receive the deposit.

How long does it take to get a replacement belt?

Standard deliveries on belts are approximately one week, with expediting available within a few days.

For accuracy and precision, we here at Glide-Line have all of our belts fabricated endless on state of the art automated fabrication equipment. With the customer in mind, we include an extra belt for every different belt length included with the original shipment.

How do I replace the belt?

That is a great question and this video shows why this is one of the design features that makes Glide-Line maintenance friendly. Almost all maintenance can be done from the top of the conveyor. This means that you can loosen a few screws, pull the end caps, bearings, slider bed, and drive assembly straight up. This comes in particularly handy when it is integrated into a machine structure or in tight assembly cells.

Is there a concern about pulley teeth jumping with the use of timing belts?

No, we use a steel reinforced timing belt with adjustable snubber rollers that gives us 192° of timing gear wrap and 22 tooth engagement at all times.

What motor frame sizes can I use on a Glide-Line conveyor?

Flexibility in conveyor design is one of the biggest reasons our integrator customers choose Glide-Line. That goes for use of motors, gearboxes, and controls, as well.

Motor Chart-1

We offer a great variety in our gearbox flange options, allowing our customers to utilize a wide range of motor frame sizes.  Whether you have a specification from your customer who prefers to standardize motors across their plant, or they’re using other equipment that requires a specific motor brand and frame size, we offer great flexibility in this regard. 

While any conveyor manufacturer can ship a conveyor less motor and gearbox to allow for flexibility in power transmission, we actually ship a gearbox with several different flange adapters, allowing for integration of both IEC (metric) and NEMA motor frame sizes.

Is Glide-Line RFID Compatible?

Yes, we use bumpers on the corners of each pallet. These bumpers have some designed internal hollow spots where an RFID tag can be inserted. If you have an RFID-based application, you can purchase unassembled pallets, saving you the time of removing the bumper and reinstalling it. This can also save you money.

Who can I talk to if I have questions regarding billing, invoicing, order status or shipping information?


Michelle Brennan:

Can you release my order today, I’m mailing you a check tomorrow?

Due to the custom nature of our products, we need to receive the down payment before releasing to production.  Once received, if there is anything we can do to expedite your order, we will do so.

Here’s What Our Customers Have to Say

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…Glide-Line’s timely response to the customer’s implementation challenges were met with prompt responses & solutions. Glide-Line has a very good ‘user friendly’ professional working demeanor which translated into very positive results for Tech-Con Automation.

Nino LaDuca, President of Tech-Con Automation


I just wanted to let you know that all the parts made it in good condition. Also wanted to tell you that everything works perfectly. The speeds are exactly where we need to be and there is adjustment on both sides, slower and faster to make any adjustments that we will need. Thank you for your patience with me!!

Charles Sarsfield @ Vitesco Tech

EC logo

Thank you for the support and the quick turnaround on the model. It really was a huge help and much of the process discussions during the bid evaluation meetings used the picture below as the primary visual aid. I will let you know as soon as we hear. Whether this project or another, I’ve been very impressed with this product and your support. I’ll find an opportunity to put one to work.

Jerry Bitler - Engineering Manager, Easychair Technical Services, LLC

Customized Solution Challenge

Take Advantage of All Glide-Line Has To Offer

We are constantly adding to our customized solutions gallery with unique solutions. These conveyors, devices, and accessories are often custom solutions to challenges our customers have faced. Do you have more challenges we can help with? Contact us today!

We build customized solutions for a reason - whatever reason our customer has. We love to be challenged with a problem so we can figure out a solution to it.  This list of Custom Solutions isn’t a stagnant list; it’s ever-growing. We would love to come up with a solution for your automation needs.


Contact Us for Custom Solutions


Even Easier Application Design Next Time

Using IMPACT, our in-context configurator software that uses Excel-based modules and pairs seamlessly with SolidWorks, you can easily design your next conveyor quickly and with instant pricing. Just a couple things IMPACT can do include: 

  • On-the-fly model changes without re-configuring, re-downloading, and re-inserting models with every change
  • Evaluate the throughput, weights, lengths, and heights handled by the conveyor you’re designing
  • Magnetic snap-to mating and references

Learn more