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Allows for vertical transfer of product from one or more in-feed conveyors to multiple discharge conveyors.

  • A standard Vertical Transfer Unit that feeds multiple input and output conveyors
  • The total number of infeed and outfeed conveyors can be increased, as needed, to maximize product flow.
  • Servo-driven elevator allows for multiple position stopping with precision movement
  • The number of transport decks can also be increased to shift as many products vertically as desired.



  • Can be driven with an electric motor – stepper / servo
  • Quantity of infeed, outfeed, and transport deck conveyors can be added as needed
  • Complete flexibility of geometry (size, lift stroke, etc.)


Innovative VTU - Wide CTA


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Learn more in this video: Flexible Vertical Lift Conveyor Application Options & Key Features:



Glide-Line’s IMPACT! featured in National Solidworks Case Study!

Glide-Line leveraged the open SOLIDWORKS API, the GoAutomate open-source automation tool, and Microsoft Excel software to introduce IMPACT!, the industry’s first in-context conveyor configurator, which combines access to solid modeling tools and snap-to mating functionality with prices, part numbers, and ordering capabilities in real time.



Build 3D model designs with constant INNOVATION and CUSTOMIZATION

This guide is built to address some of the challenges you may be facing when planning conveyors into your automation system engineering designs. We provide potential solutions to help you solve these problems, plus tips on how to inject creativity into your own systems when it comes to conveyor system designs.



“As a provider of mechanical hardware solutions, item North America/MB Kit Systems Inc. sees multiple requests for complex material handling solutions. Clearly, Glide-Line always seems to know what customers need and the new Glide-Line 360 has unlimited solutions for a wide range of applications.”

Rick Sabo, VP Sales & Marketing - NA/MB Kit Systems


“IMPACTwas easy to launch and update. It quickly led me in the direction I needed to define my design. I love having dead accurate CAD files with high detail. IMPACT takes it one step further in that I don’t have to re-download every time I have to make a change. I love having native Solidworks files to integrate into my designs.”

DeWayne Merritt, a 16 year Mechanical Tool Design Engineer for AutoLiv


"Glide-Line understands the market. That is why they come with innovative products, are incredibly responsive and have the fastest delivery times around."

Jim Beretta, former Application Engineer - Industry Expert


"The experts at Glide-Line are quick to respond, they're quick to bring solutions, and they're quick to help me identify product. They've backed up everything they've told me and brought good product to bear and their solutions are running well in the field. I'm not sure what more you could ask for."

Kevin Hayes, Director at Primetest Automation


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