Conveyor Topper Solutions for Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR)

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Lightweight AMR Conveyor Toppers

Solve Unique Challenges

Creative conveyor topper applications for autonomous mobile robot vehicles are a natural solution for your customer’s AMR integration challenges. Solve common challenges with our configurable AMR conveyor toppers. Our conveyor toppers are:

Our configurable, customizable conveyor toppers allow for added flexibility for your clients’ AMRs.

The best part? These customizations don’t cost extra money and don’t add extra lead time.

Whether you are an AMR manufacturer or an AMR integrator, we offer the ability to create standard or customized solutions for mobile robots.

Anatomy of a Customizable AMR/AGV

Conveyer Topper

Lightweight Construction with Compact and Powerful DC Drives

Our customizable AMR or AGV conveyor toppers are built to solve challenges. We’ve already implemented the features needed for the most lightweight and powerful conveyor toppers for your AMR or AGV. Check out the blueprint below.


AMR Blueprint copy


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How Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) Integrators Incorporate A Lightweight, Customizable Conveyor To Adapt To Their Product

Learn about the many variables your clients are looking for in an effective, cost-efficient AMR conveyor design, and how Glide-Line has applied their already-innovative line to suit the challenges integrators face with AMRs in facilities.

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Configurable Conveyor Toppers for AMRs & AGVs

Glide-Line’s AMR or AGV conveyor toppers adapt to any project or challenge your clients face. Here are some unique solutions we’ve developed in the past; add your challenge to our line-up with a consult from our sales team.




Open Center Topper Design

Open Center Design AMR

enables an AMR to transfer product that has a unique geometric design, including a vertical hanging element

Topper for Small Diameter or Overlapping Tight Transfers

Tight Transfer AMR

used to transfer smaller products; the conveyor topper “strands” overlap at an interface point to provide seamless transfers

Rotating Conveyor Topper

AMR - Rotating full

designed to rotate 360 degrees, this base rotation platform enables conveyor or product rotation on a conveyor topper mounted to an AMR

Zero Contact Zoned Conveyor Topper

Zero Contact Zoned Coveyor - AMR

zoned upstream conveyor toppers provides managed accumulation at input and discharge locations

Glide-Line constructs flexible, modular frame designs that allow virtually any feature to be customized to meet your exact specifications and application needs.  Whether you need a fully enclosed frame or a totally open design, we have you covered.


AMR Toppers and Framework 1

Compact Enclosed Framework

  • This compacted, fully enclosed frame is constructed for heavier payloads and hides all unsightly electrical control components and structural elements
  • Glide-Line’s safety design feature within the frame eliminates pinch points and pairs well with a topper that requires a lifting device or a rotating device, effectively eliminating safety concerns.
  • The tightly sealed framework provides extra protection and prevents accidental damage to the inner-workings of the machine, making it a robust solution that works well in dusty or dirty environments.
  • This frame can be customized to fit your exact needs and requirements. 

AMR Toppers and Framework 2

Lightweight, Aluminum Leg Frame 

  • This open, lightweight aluminum frame is designed to increase payload capacity.  
  • The framework can be fitted with any topper design by configuring the top cross members that hold your topper in place. 
  • The wiring is concealed within the aluminum legs, creating a sleek design while maintaining easy access to the robot control center.  
  • Each leg is independent and can be easily adapted to the base of the robot control center.  
  • This frame can be customized to fit your exact needs and requirements.

Are you ready to add even more flexibility to your clients’ AMRs?



Are you an AMR or AGV Manufacturer? 

We can help you add standard offerings to complement your AMR machine sales.  We’d love to partner with you to increase the breath of your product line & make it easier for people to buy from you!

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