Direct Product Handling Solutions for Today’s Engineers

We offer the most versatile multi-strand direct product handling solutions available.

We Address Tough Product Handling Challenges

We meet the challenges faced by engineers with unique needs every day. Here are a few we’ve solved for recently:

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Wide or Long Product Handling

No matter the length, width, height, or weight (up to 250 pounds per strand) of your product, even awkward shapes work with our direct product handling solutions.

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Atypical Movement

Using the latest in technology to control individual movements on the automation line, you can achieve precise, programmable control over product motion, especially if atypical motion is needed on the line.

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Gentle Product Handling Without a Pallet

Get smooth, gentle, and even no-contact motion for products that require extra care and handling.

Case Study: Aerospace Industry Integrator Overcame Product Handling Constraints with Glide-Line

“We chose Glide-Line because of their customizable conveyor products and world-class customer service. Their engineering team solved the issues we faced without batting an eye, and our customer was thrilled with the result.”

- Project Engineer with this Aerospace Industry Integrator

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Case Study- Flexible Conveyor Manufacturer  Glide-Line Overcomes Space, Size, & Product Handling Constraints for Aerospace Industry Integrator - Mock

Learn how we helped this client with a challenging project:

  • Unique product size/weight: Each product was 12 feet long and 150 pounds
  • Space limitations: Our system was being placed between existing systems in about 1.5 feet of space
  • Ensuring no product-to-product contact: We eliminated product contact to prevent product damage

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Why Your Current Conveyor Doesn't Prevent Product Damage?

Learn more about why most traditional conveyors don’t prevent product damage, and how the Zero Contact Zoned Conveyor from Glide-Line can help. This technology is available in many of our configurable direct product handling conveyors.



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Manufacturers & Engineers Love Our Direct Product Handling Conveyor Solutions

Our multi-strand conveyor options can be a more economical solution to convey wide, large products directly on a conveyor line, especially compared to the cost impact of upsizing traditional roller conveyors. All solutions are completely configurable to meet your specifications and product transport requirements.


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Direct Product Handling Devices, Accessories & Customized Solutions

Our wide assortment of direct product handling devices and accessories help eliminate product movement challenges and floor space challenges like these:


How To Get Instant Quotes For Direct Product Handling Solutions

One of the biggest challenges faced by applications and design engineers today is the time it takes to receive accurate pricing and model numbers. Our free in-context configurator, IMPACT!, solves this problem for you by providing instant quotes and measurements.

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How to Cut Conveyor System Lead Time in Half in 2019 - Mock BookHow to Cut Conveyor System Lead Time in Half in 2021

Take back control of your product handling and your budget with Glide-Line. Our manufacturing processes are dedicated to shortening lead time. Learn more about cutting lead times in half in this ebook.

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Our Conveyor Solutions

These are some of our customers’ favorite conveyor solutions for direct product handling. We are also willing to create a solution that solves your exact problem or need. Many of our solutions originally were requests from our customers, and we solved for specific challenges. We can do the same for you!



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Working With Glide-Line for Conveyor Solutions Means:


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Our conveyors and systems can be built and shipped with lead times typically half that of our competition.


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Our processes support modern engineers, like yourself, who are constantly looking for complete flexibility in their conveyor solutions.


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Support during design, engineering, ordering, manufacturing, and set-up of your conveyor and system - and beyond.


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