Glide-Line™ 360 – Unlimited Solutions

Shuttle, Divert, Merge, Sort, Stack, Lift & Lower, Transfer and Turn – with just one system.

The Glide-Line 360 is a combination of powered timing belt based conveyors working together with our family of devices to accomplish almost any type of movement (orientation change, sort, or shift) for your product in a very small space. With this new tool in your toolbox, Glide-Line’s 360 will allow for endless configurations and maximize assembly workspace.

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Pallet Shuttle

The pallet shuttle allows traffic to be merged or sorted. For example, pallets can be merged from three lanes into one lane, or they can be sorted from one lane into three.

Pallet Rotate & Shuttle

The rotate & shuttle allows a pallet to be moved from location to another while at the same time manipulating the orientation of the pallet.

Pallet Lift and Transfer Shuttle

This solution has a small lift and transfer conveyor running the length of a trunk line. It can accept product at one or more location and drop off at multiple locations along the same trunk.

Pallet Buffer

A VTU base unit can be used to create multiple levels of conveyors or shelves for uses as a buffer system.

Pallet VTU (Vertical Transfer Unit)

The VTU aids in transfer versatility from one line to another line above or below (aka “over/under”).

Panel Shuttle

This solution makes a section of conveyor mobile in a single axis so that panels can be received one or more conveyor lanes and distribute to other lanes.

Panel Rotate & Shuttle


By utilizing 360 on independent conveyor strands, we can automatically adjust the width between strands as the application demands. This can be done on one or both strands.