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Unique Angles: Can A Lift and Rotate Unit Stop at Any Angle?

Posted by Ron Schwar | Monday, January 7, 2019

An important aspect of automated material handling for many of our integrator clients is the ability to precisely control the motions of each conveyor mechanism. For example, our servo-driven Lift and Rotate Unit is designed to rotate to any angle needed up to 360 degrees. Rotation can be programmed exactly, giving them virtually unlimited control over their device. Whether their goal is visual inspection, etching preparation, winding, or another assembly operation, you’re able to stop the Lift and Rotate at any angle to meet their needs.

About the Servo-Driven Lift & Rotate

The Lift and Rotate Unit from Glide-Line is a programmable, stepper- or servo-driven rotating pallet solution with consistent rotation within a revolution. The movement is more than simple oscillation back and forth with a pneumatic motor. The turning servo-driven LRU conveyor pallet moves within a revolution at any angle in unlimited increments and even varying speeds. It’s programmable to accomplish defined, accurate, precision pallet stops within a process. There are three main applications:

  • Present a product for visual inspection in front of one camera at multiple angles

  • Access a certain product feature to complete a function

  • Change orientation as the product goes down the production line

Instead of designing, engineering, and paying for multiple cameras, multiple stations, multiple screw machines, or multiple label applicators (examples of a few workarounds we’ve seen), the LRU can be utilized instead, condensing the system space, making the system more flexible and at much lower cost.

Move a Product Through Programmable Rotation Stops

No matter the number of stops needed within a rotation, a servo-powered rotating conveyor pallet from Glide-Line can make them, in unlimited increments. The pallet can be programmed to stop in one degree (or less!) increments for 360 degrees if that’s what’s needed. You’re not locked into 20-degree course positions; instead, you’re able to design the automation system in the way that works best for the assembly, inspection, and overall process.


Smooth Acceleration & Deceleration

The servo-driven Lift & Rotate Unit’s acceleration and deceleration are also smooth at each of those rotation stops thanks to the electric-powered motor. Speed is programmable based on the client’s goals and the product needs to keep it steady and secure. This unique aspect is especially important for fragile products in your clients’ automated material handling process.

When you’re challenged with finding a precision programmable servo solution for lifting and rotating your clients’ products to multiple varying degrees of rotation, the flexible Lift & Rotate Unit form Glide-Line is the solution you want. Read our ebook to learn more about the flexibility of the Lift and Rotate Unit from Glide-Line and other challenges it helps solve for design engineers.


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Topics: Lift and Rotate Applications

Written by Ron Schwar

Ron Schwar is the Godfather of Glide-Line! A machine designer by trade, with experience designing everything from bottle cappers, to fiber optic embroidered apparell and even un-manned helicopters, he has seen it all. His passion is to develop innovative products for engineers that are easy to design with, easy to design around, and set the bar for industrial automation. He loves a challenge and does anything that he can do to make Glide-Line the best it can be.

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