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How to Improve Floor Space Usage with Unique Conveyor Solutions

Posted by Trevor Price | Monday, April 22, 2019

Conserve linear space in your clients’ warehouse or facility by moving functions vertically. The unique Dual Axis VTU is an excellent way to use vertical space efficiently to optimize use of  floor space.

Dual Axis

The revolutionary Dual Axis VTU consists of two standard vertical transport units embedded within each other in one elevator footprint. This configuration features two independent actuators in the same basic frame that enable two simultaneous Z-axis movements for two independent lifting decks. Within the unit, the two platforms can stop anywhere in 1mm increments along the vertical length of the conveyor. The bottom unit is restricted to how high it can go only by the positioning of the top unit.

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The dual axis VTU from Glide-Line also assists with other challenges in a manufacturing or assembly process.

1. Stack Work Stations

Create layered workstations using stacked conveyor lines. The infeed and discharge lines from the dual axis VTU can feed products to additional work stations above the main line, creating additional work space without taking up valuable horizontal floor space.

2. Sort Products with Multiple Infeeds & Discharges

Your client is able to sort products up to twice as fast as a single tray using the dual axis VTU. This could double the output of sorting products from a main line to one or two additional lines stacked above the main line.

3. Create a Vertical Bypass

The dual axis vertical transport unit can help create a vertical bypass for product accumulation by lifting products up and over a workstation to avoid delays. Placing multiple dual axis VTUs along a conveyor line can help create a smooth manufacturing line that continues to run as operations are completed without taking up additional floor space for a horizontal jug handle/bypass accumulation area.

4. Decouple an Upper and Lower Transfer

Since the decks of a dual axis VTU are independently-driven, each deck can operate at a different height, speed, and rate of transfer. Therefore, your process can now accommodate multiple layers of conveyors using the VTU to transfer between layers as necessary.

There is nothing else on the market today that can accomplish the same efficient movement as Glide-Line’s Dual Axis VTU. It can be driven with any electric motor, including AC and stepper/servo. It also has complete flexibility of geometry, allowing it to handle any height of conveyor up to twenty feet and any size of conveyor your clients’ processes may need. Learn more today.

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Topics: Vertical Transport Conveyors

Written by Trevor Price

Trevor Price is the Lead Application Engineer for Glide-Line. He has began his career here straight out of college from Widener University. Being a former collegate football athlete, Trevor embodies all of the characteristics of being a leader and embracing the teamwork mentality. In his personal life, he enjoys spending time with his dog, family, and the outdoors.

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