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Mauger and Glide-Line Continue to Prove That Business is Personal

Posted by Jenna Orrock | Wednesday, June 10, 2020

For those of you that know Kevin Mauger, it’s easy to know why he has been showcased by so many associations, leadership teams and businesses.  He is a role model of great leadership, which frankly, we all could use in these times. Well, again, Kevin and Glide-Line (a subsidiary of NCCAS) have been featured, as...

A great example of positivity, excellent company culture and exceptional leadership


In The Great Game’s blog, "Who Says Business Isn’t Personal?", you can learn about how Kevin started with NCC, how he became owner and what ultimately led him to the decision to make everyone he works with part owners with him.  The video below is of the announcement in 2017.



In the interview Kevin stated, “My goal in life is to create as much positive impact as possible. And I realized that one way I could fulfill that was to create a strong ownership culture inside our business by giving the employees inside this company the opportunity to be owners.  In doing so, our business could become a vehicle to help change the world. Maybe just our little part of the world, but our world nonetheless.” 


Again, with everything that is going on in the world today, I think we could all use a little more of the “positive impact” mentality harbored within NCC, and a whole lot more of the leadership found within too.


Feel free to check out the full blog here: Who Says Business Isn’t Personal?

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Topics: Conveying Positivity

Written by Jenna Orrock

Jenna is NCC's marketing partner. Her driving passion is to help manufacturing businesses become better at sales, marketing, and smart business growth. She regularly speaks at engagements such as business associations to educate business owners on this very topic. Jenna's entrepreneurial spirit and adrenaline-filled personality fuel her success as Director of Sales and Marketing at Trending Up Strategy. She bleeds green and gold during football season, loves to raft and fish with her sidekick Jax (her dog), snowboard & hunt. In addition, she is often found delighting her friends and family with acquired culinary skills.

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