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Multi-Strand Conveyor Designs Built for Wide Products

Posted by Kevin Mauger | Tuesday, June 15, 2021
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Multi-strand conveyor designs are a great way to move wide products through your plant or warehouse. With Glide-Line’s innovative multi-strand conveyor for direct product handling, line movement of heavier or generally wide, larger sized materials is not only possible – it’s simple!


We offer the most versatile multi-strand conveyor designs currently available in the  industry, addressing a need for conveyors that could handle heavy-duty products at large-scale, wide-body products and those with oddball shapes.


Our multi-strand conveyor designs utilize multiple, thin strands of conveyors that can be spaced out as you wish, allowing for complete customizability. With hundreds of thousands of  standard configurations, our conveyors provide you with options you wouldn’t have thought possible. 


Think Outside the Box!    

  • Add a rotation unit to your line with precision positioning
  • Eliminate product marring with controlled, zoned accumulation for fragile products
  • Transport product vertically to rack and store or tohe help save on floor space & increase throughput
  • And for heavier products, we offer a traction control, roller chain solution that still utilizes our multi-strand conveyor


Fast. Flexible. Easy. 

That’s our mantra and with our online software, IMPACT!, you can configure your dream system to accommodate your process or product without compromising on lead time or design – giving you 100% creative freedom in your multi-strand conveyor design!


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Topics: Flexible Conveyor Solutions, Wide Products, Direct Product Handling

Written by Kevin Mauger

Kevin Mauger started working for the parent company of Glide-Line the day after college and bought the company 12 years into his career when it was at an all-time low. The company has multiplied in volume 5X since and is growing at 20%+ year over year. Personally, his entire life is based upon spending time with his family, figuring out a way to get out deep sea fishing, and supporting his Philadelphia Eagles. His vision for Glide-Line is to make it the world’s most flexible multi-strand conveyor solution with tools for customers allowing instantaneous response and control of their own destiny along with the fastest deliveries in the industry.

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Glide-Line offers the most versatile multi-strand panel and pallet-handling solution available for the assembly automation industry.

We solve problems that other conveyor systems manufacturers won’t. We developed Glide-Line from the ground up with a few key, driving factors in mind. First, our conveyors had to be robust and reliable. Second, they would be simple – easy to maintain and service. Finally, we insisted on flexible configurability, creating an efficient, hassle-free customer experience. We’ve built the most versatile multi-strand panel and pallet-handling solution available for the assembly automation industry.

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