Our catalog is ever expanding.  Feel free to check out some of the options below, but know that we are willing to create a solution that solves your exact problem or need.  In fact, that is how many of the products you will see on our site originated - out of necessity to solve our customer's unique project challenges.
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Dual Axis VTU

A dual lift VTU configuration two independent actuators that enables two Z-axis movements at a time and two independent decks. This can be used many ways. Examples:

  • Decouple an upper and lower transfer
  • Sorting product to / from multiple infeeds and discharges
  • Perform an operation on one product while keeping the VTU in operation for others 

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Mini VTU

Low Cost Mini VTU

Built for those who are looking for a creative space and cost savings.


  • A simple short Vertical Transport Unit (VTU) for limited vertical stroke applications
  • Pneumatically actuated
  • 112mm clearance for pallet and product on bottom level


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Pedestal Mounting Support System

Support systems can be designed and built for Heavy Duty Lift and Locate stations.  This will allow forces to be offloaded from the conveyor and into a support system designed specifically for your application.  Shown here is an aluminum extrusion based Pedestal Support for a Heavy Duty Lift and Locate suitable for 1500 pounds of force.


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Machine Tending Solution

A vertical sortation and storage device to create a buffer of pallets either upstream or downstream (or both) of a machine.  Allows an operator to load up a machine with unfinished goods and automatically load parts, and can even simultaneously unload parts as well.  


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Mechanically Slave Driven Conveyor Solution

Glide-Line was able to drive four different conveyors off a single motor.  This saves mechanical and electrical hardware cost.

  • The goal for this system is to maximize a single motor’s capability by transferring power through four conveyors
  • One motor / Two pop up merges o-ring belt conveyors / Two twin strand conveyors


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Centerline Adjustable Conveyor

The purpose of the Centerline Adjustable Conveyor is to adjust the width of a conveyor – the dimension between conveyor strands.

  • Adjust the width of a conveyor for a different sized pallet (or any product for that matter)
  • This is in lieu of adjusting guide rails for a product run (or for various products)
  • Conveyor beams have integral guides which are inherently more consistent and rigid than manually adjusted rails


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Transfer Bridge Conveyor

This system is built to handle specialty products that require additional support at an end to end transfer. This is a conveyor that will provide support while a product is going over an end to end transfer. This product was developed for handling automotive tires.  


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Zero Pressure / Zero Contact Accumulation Conveyor for Appliance Handling

This is a zero pressure zoned conveyor designed to handle appliances with no pallet on the conveyor system.  Appliances are conveyed directly on the conveyor belt. 


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Direct Product Handling Conveyor

This is a zero pressure zoned conveyor designed to handle direct product contact with no pallet on the conveyor system.  Products are conveyed directly on the conveyor belts.


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Tilting Deck Vertical Transfer Unit

Allows for vertical transfer of product as well as tilting the conveyor deck up to 30° to allow for flexible access to the transport media.


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Bypass Lift

Two independently powered lift decks combined into one space to provide product bypass above the main line while simultaneously allowing undisturbed product flow to multiple positions.


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Dual Deck VTU

Allows for vertical transfer of product on two transport conveyors simultaneously.

  • A standard Vertical Transfer Unit with two transport deck conveyors
  • Provides the ability to transport twice the amount of product vertically
  • This is especially useful for processes requiring fast-paced throughput


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Serpentine Buffer Conveyor

A buffering line for accumulating a large amount of product in a relatively small footprint.

  • Standard Glide-Line conveyors
  • Standard Glide-Line curves
  • Can be configured for continuous movement for curing or cooling of product
  • Can act as a buffer for asynchronous or batch operations


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Custom Lift and Rotate Unit

Allows for vertical lifting of pallet and rotation of 90 degrees. 

  • Robust Lift and Rotate Unit that allows for product to be lifted off conveyor, and rotated 90 degrees
  • Provides operator improved access to product
  • Manual rotation allows for operator to rotate product without controls


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Multiple Position VTU

Allows for vertical transfer of product from one or more infeed conveyors to multiple discharge conveyors.

  • A standard Vertical Transfer Unit that feeds multiple input and output conveyors
  • The total number of infeed and outfeed conveyors can be increased, as needed, to maximize product flow.
  • Servo-driven elevator allows for multiple position stopping with precision movement


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Pass Through VTU 

The vertical transfer unit lifts product off the main line to prevent stoppage of product flow.

  • A Dual Deck Vertical Transport Unit that elevates product above main line to allow work to be done from above.
  • The bottom transport deck replaces the top when shifted vertically to allow downstream product to bypass and move ahead
  • Useful for performing the same process at multiple stations without disturbing product flow.


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Pop-Up Right Angle Transfer

Allows for product to be transferred 90 degrees to another conveyor line.

  • Standard Glide-Line conveyors with the addition of custom pop-up transfer unit
  • Allows product to be transferred 90 degrees to another conveyor system
  • Quick and seamless automated transfer of product between conveyor systems


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Rack Feeder

Allows for vertical transfer of product to be stored on multiple independently driven stacked conveyors.

  • A Vertical Transport Unit feeds product to a rack of independently driven conveyors.
  • Maximum amount of product can be stored in a small footprint
  • Independently-driven stacked conveyors allow for quick storage and retrieval processes to decrease cycle time


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Pneumatic Vertical Transfer Unit

Vertical Transfer Units (VTUs) transfer pallets from one level to another. This unit utilizes a section of transport conveyor as an the platform and is actuated up / down (z-axis) by an electric motor - typically stepper or servo. By driving the VTU with a servo or stepper, the VTU can be motion controlled for both smooth acceleration / deceleration as well as multiple stopping positions.  The VTU platform conveyor can operate in either direction, enabling the VTU to accept and discharge pallets from both sides. The unit is supplied as a stand-alone module.


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Innovative Conveyor - Premium Content - Products

Innovative Ways to Create Customized Lifts and Vertical Conveyors (ebook)

Here we identify challenges solved by VTUs and review innovative, real-world examples of how design engineers have developed creative lift-based solutions. Get the scoop on using conveyors and vertical lifts to: 
  • Save Space
  • Create 360º Access
  • Multi-task with Efficiency
  • Improve Throughput


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Dual Pop-Up - Product

Dual Pop-Up Transfer

Allows for horizontal transfer of very large products from one conveyor line to another.

  • Standard Glide-Line conveyors with the addition of two pop-up conveyors

  • Allows product to be transferred to another conveyor line while maintaining orientation

  • Quick and seamless automated transfer of product

  • Each pop-up utilizes a single air cylinder, eliminating the need to sync multiple air cylinders

  • Non-marking rollers prevent unwanted marks and scuffs on product


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VTU Solutions Gallery - Products

VTU Solutions Gallery

Our standard VTUs are highly customizable to fit your exact specifications – offering much more than a typical two-position, up/down arrangement. Multiple positions, multiple decks, independent axes, and more – if it involves vertical movement, we have you covered. 

See our VTU solution gallery below for example applications.


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Can't Find What You Need? Check Out Some of Our Custom-Standard Solutions

If you still can't find what you need, fill out the form below to tell us about your limitations and restrictions. Our team of engineers can help you find a creative fix.  Below are some of the most common custom-standard solutions we've created for our customers.


Space Saving Designs

Here is an article and infographic on ways to build up, instead of out, along with some other applications for unique assembly conveyor layouts.   
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Flexible Designs                                            

Here are some articles that feature flexible designs for your conveyor application solution.
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Special Handling of Products to Avoid Damage

Here is an article on 5 Ways to Avoid Damage to Your Precision Product With Flexible Conveyors. 
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One of the biggest challenges faced by applications engineers today is the time it takes to receive accurate pricing and model numbers. You spend time using an online configurator from a conveyor manufacturer, downloading the step files and setting up mates and references in SOLIDWORKS to meet the requirements of your automation system. The conveyor software is typically built for only one thing: communicating one particular conveyor’s specifications to your conveyor design software.


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